In 2006 an archive of glass negatives were found in an attic in Stavanger, Norway. It turned out to be from the photo atelier of Rachel Johnsen (1870 - 1960) and Hannchen Jacobsen (1869 - 1908).
Rachel Johnsen was my great grandfather's sister. 
The archive contains a mix of professional photos and private photos dating from ca 1900 to the 1920s/30s. Most are from Stavanger and the areas around Stavanger, but a few also from other parts of Norway.
The archive was donated to The Regional State Archives in Stavanger, which have the expertise to store it and which also have scanned them and provided us with copies of the scans.
The family worked closely with The Regional State Archives in Stavanger putting names on people, locations and dates. This work took many years, and we are very happy to have been able to find information on almost all of the photos.
On these pages I will present the work I do on Twitch restoring the photos, being 100+ years old, quite a lot of them do have some damage to them, but on most of them the damage is minor and it shouldn't be too difficult to restore these treasures to their former glory.
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